Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Circus of Life...

I really need to have this tattooed on my forearm:  “Bad Blogger”.  Speaking of which...have a seriously strong idea for my tattoo.  But I'll post pictures when I have it done.

Oh well, so what’s new?  Well a lot and then again not so much.  Fun things happening first:  Caught up with Game of Thrones Season 1 &2…4 beheadings out of 5!  Tons going on…in the plot and loads of fun.  Am catching up on the reimagining of Battlestar Galatica, I give it 3.5 cylons out of 5, but I’m only midway thru season 2.  Oh and I picked up on clearance Defying Gravity see my post here about it!
And work is awesome!  Got to see our video wall at Laurie Children’s Hospital up and running before the hospital was open to the public.  Last week, spent the week out in Las Vegas for Infocomm, so good to catch up with former co-workers and industry friends…it’s been too long.  Additionally, I did get to catch a Cirque show while I was out there…and WOW! Pretty amazing.  I am also sucking on the company’s bowling team, but I’ll get better.  Nice getting out with the guys without the pressure of phone/deadlines! 

Oh…and big announcement about VOC coming soon…two actually!

Let’s see…heading out to GenCon this summer and probably going to Seattle to visit the Brooks family…maybe over Labor Day.

Liking the direction of DnDNext…fun fast play.

In other news…still have to deal with Crazy and the clan of freaks.  They are over the top, but hopefully that will be resolved soon.

Well that’s all I got for right now…

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where does the time go?

Seriously, again...bad blogger!

Well two blog posts in one day...that's not a bad thing right?  Wait, what?  You didn't see the other one...whew....that meant that you weren't one of those flamers howling for my blood and more information on Victims of Circumstance!

Yes!  VOC is in post production right now and it's almost completed.  I cannot believe how much time and energy has been sunk into this project.  It's kind of a relief to actually see it all put together.  Actually, two days from now I am going to review it with Paul before we send it off into the world to get some audio scrubbed and cleaned and packaged up all purty like.

In other random news...most of you know that I was hospitalized after a cat bit thru my index fingernail...and yes that hurt.   Feeling much better now thanks!

I have a couple more Jester's Book entries to type up and get posted, but that's going well too.  I have recently gotten into George Martin's Game of Thrones on HBO and I suspect that's going to color my Jester's stuff with all the dark political intrigue.

Oh...and since almost no one reads this...I can let you in on a little secret:  We are working on two more projects for production.

That's all for today!  Had a great Leap Day and St. Patrick's Day!

Have a wonderful Tax Day!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Year...

Alrighty then...lots being written and blogged about and I almost forgot about this blog.  I am such a bad personal blogger.

Well it's January, a new year has dawned and it's about to snow (maybe).  I am echoing my fellow blogger in saying that there is much changed.  Old loves are no longer even friendly, new friends are becoming new loves.  Old friends have reemerged and the foundations of our relationships are as strong as ever.

I find myself writing almost daily these days.  Not all of it is good stuff, but some of it is.  The Jester's blog (almost 15 years old now) has a new "book" and several new chapters.  Also, I have added some other lost or forgotten chapters.  So there is a lot of new content on Jester's Book blog.

In recent D&D news, WotC announced that they are working on a new edition.  There is a crap load of excellent coverage on this topic and my two cents aren't going to add anything to the conversation.  Check out Rob's blog or the Lord's of Tyr site for more information.

Not a super exciting post, but it's something better than nothin'