Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Green Bee…..

What the hell? Okay so anyone following the trials and tribulations of The Green Hornet will know that it is a miracle that this movie ever got made. That being said, there is a ton of conflicting blog vomit on the subject. Being a movie consumer myself here is where I come down on the Green Hornet.

Overall this would have been a good, if forgettable summer blockbuster. I probably would have done pretty well too. I don’t know if it would have made enough to justify a sequel, but maybe. It really falls down in one area twice.

It is Seth Rogan’s take on Brit Reid. Brit is written as an idiot. Seriously think remake of Billy Madison, well not far off at least. He is a little kid trapped in a man’s body. Now that would be okay is that was the beginning of Brit development arc. Unfortunately, it isn’t. It is the beginning, middle and almost until the end, more like a short line then an arc. I have to say that I had no investment in Brit the character and grew more disappointed in Rogan as the movie wore on.

On the other hand, the visual style of the film I liked quite a lot. Also, Kato is far more interesting then previously described. I really like Jay Chou’s take on the valet/mechanic/body guard. I even liked the over the top villain of Chodnofsky. Straight out of the pages maniacal. And of course the gadgets were really fun. And yes there are a couple of laugh out loud moments, but all in all not enough to make this a successful movie. I would hope that if by some amazing feat a sequel does get green-lit that Rogan and company take a deeper look at Brit Reid’s motivations for being the Green Hornet.

Rogan phoned it in, but the rest of the gang are worth seeing.