Monday, July 13, 2009

The Halfling Pirate!

Syed was born the younger twin to Bergohand and Roussa Tripplight. The Tripplight clan ran the highly profitable White Star Shipping lines along the Sword Coast. White Star maintains several lucrative contracts with Ahm merchant houses and Waterdeep trade guilds.

Born Wylan Tripplight, he and his older twin and five elder cousins were raised to take over the family business.

For 30 years Wylan lived on or near the waterways. He spent every waking minute honing his craft and exploring the inlets near his home. Any water-based activity was his joy, sailing, fishing, and swimming.

While being close to his mother, Wylan idolized his father and elder brother, Willem. The summer of his 30th year, Wylen experienced a life shattering set of events. Bergo, Willem and three of his uncles were in Athkatla when negotiations turned sour the merchant house had the White Star delegation murdered. In the following weeks, White Star has a rash of arsons and piracies. Wylan was captain of a Galleon en route to Waterdeep with a new crew out of Baldur’s Gate when they mutinied and forced Wylen from the ship. Wylen was able to make it to Mintarn where he was able to discern that the attempt on his life was still an open contract. Wylen decided at that time to adopt the identity of a childhood friend who had died. And so Syed Hylette El was born. Syed found work as a navigator in the Mintarn Navy.

Syed spent a few years looking for the pirates that hijacked his family’s ship, but decided to move into the pirate community to find out more. His skills land him a job as a gunner, but he quickly ascended to the position of quartermaster of “Winged Scourge”. He was elected captain and became a very successful along the Amnish coastline. He currently has two ships in his fleet, both operating as raiders against the Merchant Houses. Although neither ship will attack a White Star flagged ship they have the reputation of being professional and leaving a minimum loss of life. Aberdajinn Firebeard, former quartermaster of the Scourge is captain of the “Hidden War”. Both crews have profited handsomely under Syed’s leadership and are fiercely loyal to him.

Every year Syed renews his vow to find the agents responsible for the death of his family. And every year the anger fades a little bit more.

The Winged Scourge
Captain: Syed El
First Mate: Turuk Mastsplitter
Quartermaster: Luca Bloodstone
Boatswain: Sinead Soiel
Gunner: Boom Boom Velez
Cooper: Bishop Hops
Powder Keg Monkey: Sur ‘resh

The Hidden War
Captain: Aberdajinn Firebeard
First Mate: Vandoa LaRue
Quartermaster: Balan Keelbreaker
Boatswain: Anatole Shipcutter
Gunner: Knurl Hammerson
Cooper: Elder Andersohn
Powder Keg Monkey: Dorn the Younger

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