Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Part time Sorceress, Full time married?

I will admit that my online presence has been lacking of late. I have practically de-Facebooked myself. A long time has past since I checked in on myspace. I feel that I have de-linked myself in. And all in all have not been very successful in updating this little piece of happiness. So would it does not come as a surprise that a friend announced her recent engagement on Facebook and I missed it.

So last night I had a couple of prime minutes when I should have been headed to my bed and instead decided to check in on all of my Facebook friends. I am cruising through my news feed and I catch this comment that read something like “Holy Crap! Hell just froze over!”. No, not really it was more along the lines of “Congrats, you two make a wonderful couple!” And who is this fortunate soul? None other then the Infamous author Shelly Mazzanoble. Those of you who frequent Barnes & Noble shoppers have probably ripped off one of her books.

Now Shelly is one of those people that you instantly like once you have talked to her for more than 18 seconds. But if you read her book or follow her blog you would think she is a complete nut. I will encapsulate the literary Shelly for you: A frantic, Hasbro employed vegan who has serious issues with both her mother and her cat (a battle which I fear she is losing on 2 fronts). Should you ever have an opportunity to interview her or hang out with her on a convention floor she is none of those things. I personally believe she leaves those neuroses in Washington State. She is sweet, remembers pretty much everything, generous with her time, engaging and smart as a tack. So I was thrilled when I heard she had found someone who was willing to do battle with her cat (and I presume Mother, but I could be wrong on that second account.)

Which leads me back to the beginning of my post, about her getting engaged and hearing about it belatedly through Facebook. It makes me wonder…what did we do before we posted our entire lives online and subjected ourselves to comment and criticism?

Congrats Shelly!

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