Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Only Three Years Later...

Okay so I've only let three years slip by without posting.

What has been happening? A lot. When last we left our intrepid blogger, he was waist deep in a tragic and often times frustrating divorce. Well that got finalized and "Crazy" is officially not my problem anymore. I had started a job, was finishing a movie, and trying to find some sort of balance in life. It took a fair bit of time, a lot of support from friends and family, but things did actually turn around.

Still have the same joby-job, which is interesting, challenging, and on every third Wednesday very rewarding.

I met a girl, dated a girl, and married a girl and she is fantastic.

I ran a DnD 4e game for over two years with a new gaming group. I'm playing in a 5e game that succeeded that campaign. I have taken up playing Fantasy Flights X Wing, which our group has invested quite a bit into a fantastic fleet of ships. I'm back to painting miniatures (mostly my vast backlog of Reaper Bones and my share of the X Wing ships). Since my last post, I have reunited some of my college gaming group and fused them with my current gaming group for an Annual Epic Game! Year 1 (2013) was an eight hour session with some memorable moments and a lot of laughs. The group enjoyed the game some much that it was decided to have another game the following year. So in 2014, in lieu of a traditional bachelor party, I ran the Second Annual Epic Game. It was as much fun as the previous year, and I was almost foiled as the GM by a clever player who completely short circuited my final encounter (I had to improvise...quickly and fiercely). As of this post, I am less than one week out from the next game, and quite excited about the prospect.

Video Games!
They have re-surged in my life. I've jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon, playing and hosting multiple servers over the last three years. I dig Titanfall, am so looking forward to Battlefront 3, and The Division later this year.

Social Media!
I've reduced my Facebook presence (there has been a lot of weird developments in FB-land recently), I am using G+ more (although it my be dying off), Twitter is fun, obviously I'm doing a terrible job blogging, but I've also launched a YouTube channel about gaming. It brings together my friends who love video games, and my passion for creating content (Bad Blogger!!!). So I'll leave you with some Digital MEs! Enjoy...

Illustration by +Joel Poirier
Gaming Avatar

Gaming Avatar

That's all for soon?

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